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The RCGS Resolute, formerly known as Hanseatic, was built in 1991 and was one of the most famous expedition cruise ships. During her 30-year career, the ship sailed all the seas and brought numerous guests to see polar bears or penguins. The ship is currently located on the Caribbean island of Curacao. Photo: Conflict News Worldwide

The expedition cruise ship RCGS Resolute, which was once used under the name Hanseatic for a well-known German shipping company, has experienced an eventful history since its sale. Chartered and newly equipped by a Canadian company, the ship sailed in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, among others. But after the bankruptcy of the charter company and several stopovers and an incident with the Venezuelan navy, the Resolute has landed in Curacao. It is now to be auctioned there according to the will of the shipping company.

The Resolute, which has been moored in the port of Willemstad on Curacao since the beginning of April, is due to change hands at an auction on June 22 2020. Currently, the ship is owned by Bunnys Adventure and Cruise Shipping Company, a German company. After the sale, the ship will have a new operator for the third time. In addition to a fully equipped expedition ship with the highest ice class, debts of around US ‘ 4 million will also be waiting for the new owner. Currently, the ship is still owned by Bunnys Adventure and Cruise Shipping Company, a German company.

The ship, which entered service in 1993, had an eventful career and broke several records. Unfortunately, she was also involved in numerous incidents, including the sinking of a Venezuelan naval vessel 2.5 months ago. Picture: Rab,Driver of P300NJB @Grampian Continental CC BY-SA 3.0

Since the ship left the services of a well-known German shipping company in 2018, the ship has been involved in several incidents. These have always been related to financial difficulties of the new Canadian operating company. Twice the ship was forcibly confiscated and released only after paying unpaid fuel bills and wage payments. At the beginning of the last Antarctic season, however, the company finally collapsed and the ship was docked at the port of Buenos Aires until March 2020. After the owner had paid the bills, the Resolute was sent by Columbia Cruise Services to Curacao for maintenance. At the night of 30. on the On 31 March, a Venezuelan patrol boat was met, during which the naval vessel sank and the Resolute suffered only minor damage. As a result, the ship was then settled in Willemstad, where it is now to be sold.

The ship was first built as Society Explorer, but expired as Hanseatic in 1993 for its maiden voyage. The owner, the German entrepreneur Günter Powalla, sold the charter rights in 2018 to a Canadian company, which subsequently relocated to RCGS Resolute. The ship was brought under the Portuguese flag, which was probably one of the reasons for the dispute with Venezuela. Photo: One Ocean Expedition

The owner of the ship has been the German entrepreneur and patron Günter Powalla, who founded the owner company in 1993. The last operator, the Canadian company One Ocean Expeditions, had the ship modernized after the takeover in Germany. In particular, the interiors and the technical facilities were overhauled. Apart from the damage to the bow caused by the incident with the Venezuelan patrol boat, the ship is in impeccable condition. Some operators and shipping companies are expected to show their interest in the auction.

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