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The new submarines are the 8. and 9th “Yasen-class” ship. Like their sister ships, the “Voronezh” and the“Vladivostok”, they are built at the Sewmash shipyard in Severodvwinsk in northern Russia. (Photo: Mansimov Elchin)

July 20, 2020 will go down in history for the Russian army. At the same time, four new ships and two nuclear submarines were laid down in three different shipyards. The two nuclear submarines, theVoronezhand theVladivostok,are assigned to the “Yasen-M-class” (project 885-M).

In the near future, Russia will have nine 885 and 885M multi-purpose nuclear submarines. One of their most important features is missile armament. Two rows of launch modules are installed in the fuselage. Each of these launch modules can be equipped with up to 3 missiles. This allows 24 sea-going or cruise missiles to be carried on board.

Vladimir Putin spoke to the shipyard workers

“The Navy has always protected Russia’s borders well. Today, it plays an important role in ensuring Russian security and is a firm guardian of national interests. It contributes to supporting the strategic balance and stability of the world,” President Vladimir Putin said in a speech he gave at the Zaliv shipyard in Crimea.

“Here in Kerch, these are two universal landing ships. There are two frigates in St. Petersburg at the Severnaya Verf plant, and in Severodvink in the Sevmash shipyard there are two nuclear submarines,” Putin said.

Putin noted that the new ships will be equipped with advanced weapons, control and remote communication systems.

The Head of State recalled that over the past eight years, more than 200 ships, boats and submarines of various classes have been incorporated into the fleet’s combat power. He said: “If the current pace is maintained, the share of modern ships in the Navy will reach 70 percent by 2027.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony laying the keel for the Russian navy at the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch.

The Russian President spoke to the shipyard workers and congratulated the employees and their colleagues from St. Petersburg and Severodvinsk” on a great event and on a very important and significant step in the development of the navy”.

The handover of the submarines “Voronezh” and“Vladivostok”to the Navy is planned for the years 2027 and 2028. They will most likely serve in the Northern Fleet or the Pacific Fleet. As the Director General of Sevmash noted, the 885M nuclear submarines are equipped with Kalibr-M cruise missiles and hypersonic weapons.

Earlier, Mikhail Nenashev, the chairman of the All-Russian Fleet Support Movement, had stated in an interview with RIA Novosti that Russia in the entire 300-year history of its fleet, had not laid down or began construction of six ships in one day. Nenashev estimates that the ships will be built by more than three thousand companies from 50 regions.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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