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The back of the coins shows a single standing gentoo penguin standing on ice, and on the front is the efficity of Queen Elizabeth II (Photo: Pobjoy Mint)

The gentoo penguin is depicted on the second coin in the 2020 50-penny penguin series for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands from the Pobjoy Mint collection. The coin will be delivered from August 10, 2020. Only recently, the coin, which shows a chinstrap penguin, appeared as the first edition of the series.

The first penguin coin of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands series was released in June 2020 and features a chinstrap penguin in the copper-nickel diamond finish. (Photo: Pobjoy Mint)

Two versions are released. The coin is available in copper-nickel diamond finish with diamond cut, with the penguin depicted in color. There is a special scrapbook for the series, but this has to be ordered separately. The Silver-925 version is already sold out.

Gentoo penguins are known for their colorful appearance against the bare background created by the prevailing weather conditions. Her extravagant red-orange beaks, white feather hats and peachy feet create a colourful contrast. They can reach a size of 50-60 centimeters and a weight of about 7.0 kilograms and have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

Pobjoy Mint’s penguin program began in 2017 with four coins issued for the Falkland Islands (2017 and 2018) and the British Antarctic Territories (2019). (Photo: Pobjoy Mint)

Both versions of the 2020 coins weigh 8 grams and have a 7-corner shape with a diameter of 27.3 millimeters. The copper-nickel coin has an embossing limit of 2,500 pieces. The sale price of the coins is 14.95 US dollars per piece and the collector’s album, which contains important facts and information about penguins, costs 7 US dollars.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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