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Plancius of the Dutch shipping company Oceanwide Expeditions in East Greenland. Early on, the Arctic season 2020 was completely cancelled due to Covid-19. (Photo: Heiner Kubny)

The new rules for entering Greenland will most likely deal a fatal blow to the last cruises to Greenland, which have not yet been cancelled. This is according to an estimate by Visit Greenland.

Visit Greenland expects the new entry regulations to permanently end cruise tourism for 2020. The Fram of Hurtigruten in the ice. (Photo: Heiner Kubny)

National tourism organisation Visit Greenland is angry that cruises are particularly affected by new entry regulations. On Tuesday, Greenland entered the second phase of the country’s reopening, and under the latest rules, a cruise ship is not allowed to call a foreign port within 14 days prior to its arrival in Greenland. In this context, Faroese and Icelandic ports also belong to foreign ports, the administration stresses in the new rules.

No longer attractive for cruises

The rules probably mean that the cruise season will now definitely be cancelled, Visit Greenland estimates. The new rules actually mean that a cruise to Greenland cannot be carried out, as it is not attractive for shipping companies or guests to romp at sea for 14 days without going ashore in order to fulfil the entry conditions for Greenland. Julia Pars, the director of Visit Greenland, told, a news outlet.

With regard to the remaining cruise ships, which were otherwise planned for 2020 in Greenland, Visit Greenland now assumes that all will be cancelled.

According to Statistics from Visit Greenland, 46,633 cruise passengers visited Greenland in 2019.

Julia Pars is upset that some of the rules that apply to passengers do not apply to cruise passengers. (Photo: Visit Greenland)

Pars points out that a small part of cruise tourism could have been saved by, for example, requiring all guests to be tested for Covid-19. Furthermore, cruise passengers may only be allowed to enter from approved countries and that the ships may only call at selected cities and settlements in Greenland.

It also refers to the fact that certain other Nordic countries have authorised the arrival of cruise ships with restrictions. Even in Svalbard, where there has previously been a dialogue between industry and the authorities on the regulations, and to allow the conduct of cruises without compromising health and safety, she says.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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