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Wealthy tourists could discover soon the Arctic coast from this submarine. (Photo: Seabourn)

Most cruise ships from all over the world have ceased operations, and empty ships are currently in ports. The travel industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. During the booming years, some new ships were commissioned for polar voyages. With the “Seabourn Venture”, the cruise company Seabourn has embarked on a new and spectacular path.

The ultra-luxurious expedition ship “Seabourn Venture”, specially built for this purpose, will debut in December 2021 with a series of the very first winter voyages of cruise ships. (Photo: Seabourn)

The launch of the “Seabourn Venture” is planned for June 2021, and a second sister ship to be named is scheduled to be launched in May 2022. Both ships will be designed and built according to the standards of the polar class PC6 for different environments and will be equipped with a wealth of modern hardware and technology that will expand the worldwide use and capabilities of the ships. The new ships built by T. Mariotti will be a brand new, innovative design specifically for the ultra-luxury expeditioner, with many features that have made the Seabourn ships so successful.

The ship’s 132 guest suites are exactly what you’d expect from a five-star luxury resort at sea. Each suite has a private veranda, minibar, fridge and luxurious bathroom. (Photo: Seabourn)

The “Seabourn Venture” will debut in December 2021 with a series of the very first Norwegian winter trips on which they may be able to see the Northern Lights, the company announced in a press release.

“Together with the ultra-luxurious lifestyle for which we are known, the amazing and haunting journeys of the Seabourn Venture” will provide the ultimate ultra-luxurious expedition experience that our guests will remember forever,” said Richard Meadows, President of Seabourn.

Two submarines on board

Both the Seabourn Venture and its yet-to-be-named sister ship will sail to the most remote corners of the earth with two Worx Cruise Sub 7 submarines specially designed for Seabourn. Each of these battery-powered submarines will have six guests on board, as well as a pilot, who will lead the journey up to 300 meters deep to explore sunken wrecks and reefs and observe the marine fauna in their natural habitat. Guests sit in two transparent acrylic glass balls that flank the centre pilot station. Thanks to the undisturbed and undistorted view in almost every direction, guests can enjoy an impressive view of the underwater world. The three passenger seats in each sphere are mounted on a rotating platform that can be moved for best visibility.

Each of these unique submarines can accommodate 6 occupants while providing first-class experiences. Thanks to the viewing window design and numerous interior and exterior adjustment options, the submarines can be adapted to many different applications. (Photo: U.Boat Works)

In a promotional video, Seabourn describes the characteristics of the two submarines on board. Each submarine has “two transparent balls with rotatable leather seat, air conditioning and chilled champagne.” The submarine offers an unforgettable view of the world below the sea surface”.

The “Seabourn Venture” has 132 luxurious veranda suites. For passengers wishing to explore the Norwegian coast from the water’s surface during the 2021 winter trip, 24 Zodiacs and a number of kayaks are available.

Further trips to the Arctic are planned, although detailed itineraries are still in the works. On its website, the company lists the North Cape, Tromso, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Iceland and the Canadian Arctic in an overview of future destinations.

The details for the Norway winter trips from December 2021 to April 2022 will be announced by October, the company informs.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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