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Ryan Reynold is one of the best-paid actors. Now the Canadian is making history in which he stands up for the youth of Nunavut. (Photo: Nathan Congleton)

More than 300 parkas are donated to students in Northern Canada. Canadian actor and producer Ryan Reynolds is working with clothing brand Canada Goose to help Inuit communities in northern Canada. As announced last week, more than 300 parkas and shoes will be provided to the children of the Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay in Nunavut.

Many women from Cambridge Bay filled the community’s school in July 2019 when Canada Goose distributed hundreds of meters of fabric. Now this program has been expanded and the company, supported by Ryan Reynolds, is sending parkas and shoes to Arctic Bay. (Photo: Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq)

“I noticed that the students of the Inuujaq school in Arctic Bay were travelling without proper winter clothing. Of course, this underscores a larger problem of basic needs that are not met in Canada’s northern communities,” Reynolds said in a press release from Canada Goose on October 6.

“It highlights a larger problem of basic needs that cannot be met in Canada’s northern communities,” he added. “I contacted Canada Goose to provide these students with the necessary winter equipment. The clothes manufacturer said yes to my proposal in less than 30 seconds and even went far beyond what I had hoped for. I am deeply inspired and grateful.”

In the Arctic Bay area it gets quite cold in winter with temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius. Proper clothing is vital for survival. (Photo: Canada Goose)

Gregg Durrant, principal at Inuujaq school, said the generous donation from Reynolds and Canada Goose was a gift that “will be remembered for years to come.” He said the school’s mission was to “promote the skills, self-confidence and cultural pride of our students so that they can pursue their dreams, realise their ambitions, learn for life and thus contribute to their community.” He noted that “access to almost all northern communities is restricted, and this has been exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19.” He concluded by saying, “We are so grateful for the warmth Ryan and Canada Goose have shown our students.”

“Inuit have survived since time immemorial by making clothes from materials that are found in our environment. But we know that not all families have access to handmade or traditionally made parkas. This initiative will support those in our communities who need it most.”

Arctic Bay, in the territory of Nunavut, is a settlement on the Borden Peninsula in the north of Baffin Island, directly at Admiralty Inlet. The Inuktitut name is Ikpiarjuk, “Bag”. Land animals are only present in small numbers in the Arctic Bay region. Polar bears are often found at the most. In summer, however, Arctic Bay is a paradise for whale watchers, especially narwhal frequent the Admiralty Inlet during that time. (Foto: Heiner Kubny)

A statement stressed that, in addition to providing coats to the needy, the newly announced partnership should also strengthen sustainability efforts. In cooperation with the organization “Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami”, remanufactured parkas from Canada Goose’s warranty program are intended to keep students warm in the communities of all four regions of Nunavut, reflecting the company’s sustainable impact strategy. This commitment follows an earlier commitment by Canada Goose, in which the company had promised to become climate neutral by 2025.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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