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Ghost stories in Greenland. The new series begins with two stamps with motifs by Maria Bach Kreutzmann and Christian Fleischer Rex. The release date was November 6, 2020. (Photo: Post Greenland)

Tele-Post is dedicating a new series of stamps and stories about Greenlandic spirits and ghosts to Greenlandic films. Greenlandic movies have been inspiring audiences around the world for decades. That’s why TELE-POST is dedicating a whole new series of stamps to this interesting topic.

Ghost stories in Greenland. In Greenland, Christianity and belief in spirits live side by side, an important cultural relic of shamanism. This is reflected, among other things, in many Greenlandic myths and legends that were reproduced sometimes on earlier stamps from the 1950s. The new brands are now taking a new perspective and focusing on “ghost stories in Greenland”. Tele-Post starts with two stamps with motifs by Maria Bach Kreutzmann and Christian Fleischer Rex.

Christmas stamps. “We start with reproductions of film posters from two classic films, which are still very worth seeing”, writes Tele-Post on their website. These are “Palos Brudefard” from 1934 directed by Friedrich Dalsheim and based on a manuscript by the well-known polar explorer Knud Rasmussen; and “Qivitoq – Fjeldgengeren” from 1956 directed by Erik Balling and written by Leck Fischer.

Christmas stamps 2020. This year’s two Christmas stamps feature two impressive illustrations from the picture book by multi-artist Juaaka Lyberth “Orpilissat nunarsuarmi kusanarnersaat (“The most beautiful Christmas tree in the world”). All illustrations in the Christmas book are made by the young artist Maja-Lisa Kehlet from Nuuk. Her illustrations are beautiful and lively and testify to a great artistic talent in development. The two Christmas stamps are offset printed on rubberized paper. Traditionally, the Christmas stamps are also published in a stamp booklet. Release date was November 6, 2020

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal / Post Greenland

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