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The ship “SH Minerva”, which currently is under construction, will be in Antarctica with guests starting from November 2021. (Photo: Swan Hellenic)

The story “Confusion around two expedition ships” was very complex from the beginning and led to some confusion. Following the article we were contacted by Swan Hellenic directly and we were promised an clarification of the situation.

After a successful day of expeditions, one can relax in the club lounge. (Photo: Swan Hellenic)

With regard to the article published in PolarJournal on November 25, 2020, Swan Hellenic states the following:

Swan Hellenic is the owner of the two ships mentioned in the article.

The two 152 passenger Vega Class ships currently under construction at the Helsinki Ship Yard Oywere commissioned in 2019 by the present owners At this time there was no name for the new company. Vodohod were named in error as the company who commissioned the build. In the spring of 2020, the purchase of the brand Swan Hellenic was completed and the two expedition ships were transferred to Swan Hellenic.

Swan Hellenic also confirms that a third ship has been commissioned, which is expected to be ready by November 2022. ʺ

The restaurant has a bright modern appearance. (Photo: Swan Hellenic)

Who is Swan Hellenic

The company name Swan Hellenic is a cult brand name and a cruise brand and above all, known on the British market and rich in tradition. The origins of Swan Hellenic date back to the 1950s. The company’s most famous ship was the “Minerva”, with which Swan Hellenic had cruised until the insolvency of the parent company All Leisure Holidays in January 2017. The brand Swan Hellenic was then sold to G Adventures, where it was not used. G Adventures sold the Swan Hellenic brand in the summer of 2020 to a private group, which will resume operations with two newly built ships. The “SH Minerva” will be in service from November 2021, with the second ship expected in April 2022. A third vessel has already been commissioned.

Seventy years after its first pioneer cruise, Swan Hellenic is proud to return to the world’s waters with two brand new expedition ships. The hardware of the new ships sets new standards. This includes a panoramic sauna, the state-of-the-art gym or the hot tub, just to name a few. The personal service will be at a very high standard. As well as the passion for discovering the furthest places in the world. All three ships will be equipped according to the latest Polar Code of the IMO and will meet the ice classes PC5 and PC6 standards respectively.

The passenger cabins are designed in an elegant Scandi design and offer an excellent view of the passing landscape. (Photo: Swan Hellenic)

The ships feature elegant Scandi-designed interiors, expansive outdoor areas and special expedition options. The crew consists of an expedition team made up of experienced guides, lecturers and professionals. The number of 120 or 140 crew members corresponds almost to the number of guests, reflecting the high level of attentive, personal service. CEO Andrea Zito explains: “We’re delighted with the way these designs have come together, creating unique experiences that honour Swan Hellenic’s cultural expedition heritage while bringing it bang up to date — in comfort, services and above all vision, transforming the inward-looking paradigm of classic cruise ships into a world of casual comfort and elegance that looks outwards to see what others don’t.”

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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