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The peninsula covers more than 100,000 km² and lies in the northern part of the West Siberian lowlands on the coast of the Kara Sea. A large part of the population are members of the indigenous Nenets people, who are nomadic or semi-nomadic reindeer herders, hunters and fishermen. (Picture: Gazprom Neft)

Gazprom Neft and Shell have signed an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture for the exploration and development of the Gydan Peninsula. The partners also agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cooperation in ensuring air transport safety. This was reported in a press release by Gazprom Neft.

North-eastern part of the Gydan Peninsula. The climate is harsh. The average January temperature is -26 °C to -30 °C and the average July temperature +4 °C to +11,5 °C. The average rainfall is relatively low at 200 to 300 mm. (Picture: Gazprom Neft)

According to the terms of the agreement, the partners each own half of the shares in the authorised capital. The companies have pooled their resources and expertise to drive the development of a promising mining region in the north-east part of the Gydan Peninsula. The joint venture will be managed equally by Gazprom Neft and Shell.

The joint venture includes the license areas “Leskinsky” and “Pukhutsyayakhsky”.

The “Leskinsky” site belongs to the Taimyr district. It covers an area of over 3,000 km² and its resources can exceed 100 million tonnes of oil equivalent. The adjacent area “Pukhutsyayakhsky” with an area of more than 800 km² is located in the Tazovsky district. Its resources amount to approximately 35 million tonnes of oil equivalent.

The Gydan Peninsula is a peninsula in northern West Siberia in the Asian part of Russia. (Graphic: Heiner Kubny / Google)

So far, seismic surveys have been carried out in both areas. Surveying and exploration work is underway in the Leskinsky area, with data being collected to clarify the geological concept and to draw up a plan for the further development of the project. Gazpromneft-GEO will conduct the geological surveys in the first phase of the “Leskinsky” and “Pukhutsyayakhsky” license areas.

Gazprom Neft and Shell signed an agreement to establish a joint venture to explore and develop the Leskinsky and Pukhutsyayakhsky license blocks on the Gydan Peninsula. Cederic Cremers (Shell) left and Vadim Yakoslev (Gazprom) centre. (Picture: Gazprom Neft)

During the meeting in St. Petersburg, the Deputy Director General for Exploration and Production of Gazprom Neft, Vadim Yakovlev, and the Chairman of Shell Russia, Cederic Cremers, signed two Memoranda of Understanding on cooperation in the field of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and aviation safety.

“Shell welcomes the opportunity that the Gydan project offers to strengthen our long-standing collaboration with Gazprom Neft. Our track record in co-development gives me great confidence in the ability of our companies to carry out the exploration programme on high technical, environmental and social standards,” said Shell representative Cederic Cremers.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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