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Joseph Blatter, full of confidence to bring the World Cup to Antarctica. (Photo: Paddypower NEWS)

Disgraced former FIFA president Sepp Blatter planned to host the 2026 World Cup in Antarctica. This is the result of a new investigation. In its findings, the investigatory Chamber of World Football stated that Blatter was interested in a proposal of bored scientific researchers stationed in the Antarctic region. This was reported by PADDYPOWER NEWS, the online sports betting platform on March 25, 2021.

Fans on their way to the World Cup in Antarctica. (Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures 2006)

The 85-year-old was on the verge of recommending Antarctica’s bid to FIFA members when he was arrested in 2015. Blatter denies any wrongdoing and claims Antarctica is “the original home of football”.

“A continent with a rich football history like Antarctica deserves to host the World Cup,” Blatter told Paddy Power News.

The ex-FIFA president also dismissed claims that temperatures of several degrees below zero had created dangerous conditions for the players. “Ensuring the welfare of the players was at the forefront of my mind when I thought to award Antarctica the World Cup.”

“That’s why I was planning to introduce soup and whisky breaks, so players could have some hot liquids during the game.”

Blatter also dismissed allegations that penguins were paid just 45p an hour.

“I have seen no evidence that working conditions for penguins have been poor,” he claimed. The scientists assured me that both the penguins and the seals were treated well. They even gave me a nice fur coat in the name of the seals, which I’m told is a token of their appreciation.”

The text was taken over unchanged from Paddypower NEWS. An inquiry from the PolarJournal editorial staff was not answered by FIFA.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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