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The exclusive photo book on the expedition of the century to the Arctic.

In September 2019, the Polarstern set sail for the Arctic – with the international MOSAiC research team on board to explore the effects of climate change on the perpetual ice. Chronologically structured, this visually stunning volume documents life and work during the year-long journey under extreme conditions at the North Pole in previously unseen photographs by Esther Horvath. Accompanied by knowledgeable essays and text contributions by experts, scientists and expedition participants, the volume is an impressive testimony to what is probably the greatest climatic challenge of our time and offers insights into this unique research project as well as the spectacular polar landscape worthy of protection. With her polar bear photo from the Arctic, Esther Horvath won the 2020 “World Press Photo Award”.

The illustrated book has been awarded the ITB BookAward 2021 in the category “Sustainable Responsibility”. The foreword is by expedition leader Markus Rex.

The illustrated book captivates with expressive photos of the Arctic expedition of the “Polarstern”. In the picture, the Russian supply ship “Akademik Fedorov” is approaching the “Polarstern”. (Foto: Esther Horvath)


Title:Expedition Arctic
Authors:Esther Horvath
Sebastian Grote
Katharina Weiss-Tuider
Number of pages:288
H305mm x B245mm x D30mm
D 50.00 Euro A 51.40 Euro CH 55.00 CHF
Air measurements were taken regularly during the expedition. (Foto: Esther Horvath)
With her polar bear photo from the Arctic, Esther Horvath won the 2020 “World Press Photo Award”. (Foto: Esther Horvath)

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