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Operations Manager Elise Grøndahl had the great honour of christening the brand new and, according to the company, standard-setting ship in South Georgia. In the process, she let a large chunk of ice shatter against the side of the ship instead of a champagne bottle. Video: Albatross Expeditions.

The tourist season in Antarctica has started and is in full swing. Despite the global pandemic, numerous companies had sent their ships south to discover the southern polar region with their guests. The Scandinavian company Albatros Expeditions was also not deterred and finally let its new ship, the Ocean Victory, built especially for polar regions, feel the cold waters of the Antarctic. And the company went one better: the ship was officially christened in Grytviken, South Georgia.

Earlier this month in Copenhagen, the Scandinavian boutique expedition cruise operator, Albatros Expeditions, christened the Ocean Victory in South Georgia on its maiden voyage. This event on 3 December 2021 set records in navigation history while chasing the sun eclipse in Antarctica. The ship was christened by Elise Grøndahl, Albatros Expeditions’ Head of Operations and Product, in an environmentally friendly way by replacing the traditional bottle of champagne with a block of ice. Elise Grondahl says: “I’m proud to be part of the team staring up the season on this magnificent new vessel. Before its first sailing it was already awarded with a gold Travel Weekly Magellan Award in the category ‘Cruise – Overall-Eco-Friendly Green Cruise Ship’”.

As is common in the industry, guests are brought ashore by Zodiacs, piloted by experienced and trained expedition team members. This is part of the adventure experience of an expedition cruise, especially on South Georgia. Image: Albatros Expeditions

Albatros Expeditions’ President, Hans Lagerweij, says: “We choose for this event to happen in South Georgia, because of our great love for this unique place. We enthusiastically support The South Georgia Heritage Trust and are helping with the establishment of the sculpture “Commensalis – the Spirit Tables of South Georgia” at the old Grytviken Whaling Station. It tells the powerful story of an eco-system in recovery”.

Laura Sinclair Willis, Chief Executive of the Government of South Georgia & the South Sandwich Islands says: “We are delighted that Albatros Expeditions chose South Georgia for such a momentous occasion”.

The Ocean Victory was built to the latest specifications and, according to Albatros Expeditions, not only meets but exceeds the latest environmental standards. Image: Albatros Expeditions

Albatros Expeditions also launched its 2023/2024 Antarctic season, which is proned to set a new record for the number of visits to South Georgia. Albatros Expeditions’ Chairman and Owner, Søren Rasmussen, says: “At Albatros we are always looking for the most unique and inspiring destinations around the world. The growth in interest we have seen in the immense nature of South Georgia is reflected in our new product range. We are proud to explore more of these magnificent islands in the future with the Ocean Victory and the Ocean Albatros, both with the lowest environmental impact in the industry”.

Press Release Albatros Expeditions

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