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Kevin McGwin has been working in the Arctic news world for many years as a journalist and editor. His work has taken him to many Arctic and sub-Arctic areas. Originally from the United States, he lives and works in Denmark. Image: Private

For 2.5 years now, PolarJournal has been providing news from the Arctic and Antarctic for its steadily growing readership. To date, almost 2,500 articles in German and English have appeared on the website. And interest in polar news continues to grow. To accommodate this increase, PolarJournal has now strengthened its team since the beginning of the year and welcomes Kevin McGwin as a freelance journalist among its team.

The U.S.-born journalist will report primarily from the European Arctic as part of the collaboration. As a former editor of the well-known “Arctic Journal” he is well connected in Greenland and Scandinavia and knows the regions very well. His main area of interest includes, on the one hand, the political and economic Arctic scene. But the social aspects of Arctic life are also exciting and inspiring. “Kevin’s acceptance to work with PolarJournal as a freelance journalist is a great stroke of luck,” explains Julia Hager, PolarJournal team member. “His years of experience and journalistic skills are a real asset and will help taking our work to the next level.”

Kevin McGwin has been working and writing about the Arctic for over 15 years. His articles have appeared regularly in several online news portals and newspapers. He also spent four years as an editor at the renowned “The Arctic Journal”, an online news platform operated by Greenland’s largest newspaper “Sermitsiaq”. Image: Private

Kevin McGwin’s experience in the Arctic news scene began in 2006 with coverage of events around Greenland. Over the years, he established himself as a respectable and reliable journalist. For 4 years he then headed the online news platform The Arctic Journal. This was operated by the editorial staff of the largest Greenlandic newspaper, Sermitsiaq AG, and served as a source of contributions from the Arctic for many other news portals. Since the closure of the platform, Kevin McGwin has been working as a freelance journalist for renowned portals such as Arctic Today, the newspaper Sermitsiaq and other media. In addition, he has created his own platform, The Rasmussen, which, according to him, “aims to show regional news in a global perspective.” He first joined PolarJournal as a guest author. “The content and also the way PolarJournal delivers its articles remind me a lot of The Arctic Journal,” the journalist explains. “That’s why I can relate very well to PolarJournal’s work and am very excited to work with the team.” Kevin lives in the east of Denmark and will publish his articles from there.

Dr Michael Wenger, PolarJournal

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