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Within a few years, the new icebreaker will be called in to help ships in trouble in shallow waters of the Northern Sea Route. (Photo:

During the international exhibition and conference on shipbuilding and development of offshore equipment OMR 2022 in St. Petersburg, Iceberg Central Design Bureau presented the project of a multifunctional offshore icebreaker.

As reports, the multifunctional nuclear icebreaker dubbed Project 10570 was developed by the Iceberg Central Design Bureau together with the Krylov State Research Center and is designed for use on the Northern Sea Route. Operational areas are likely to be shallow water areas along the passage.

A model of Project 10570 was presented for the first time at OMR 2022 in St. Petersburg. (Photo:

In developing a project for a multifunctional nuclear offshore icebreaker, the concept of creating a “unified base platform vessel” was applied. The advantage is that the vessel offers identical solutions for the general location, hull structures, configuration of the main energy equipment and systems, safety systems, radio communications, navigation, etc.

The Project 10570 icebreaker is designed to provide icebreaking support to vessels in shallow areas of the Arctic shelf. In addition, the icebreaker is planned to ensure ice safety and supply drilling platforms. The icebreaker can be navigated in ice which is up to 2.4 meters thick.

The icebreaker’s RITM-200 reactors are identical to those of the new Project 22220 icebreakers, of which Arktika and Sibir have already been delivered, while “Ural, “Kamchatka and “Yakutia are still under construction.

Based on the universal base platform, several variants of offshore type nuclear icebreakers can be created depending on the selected configuration of special equipment. (Photo:

According to the representative of the developer’s office, six modifications of icebreakers based on the 10570 platform with the RITM-200 reactor system are proposed. The forum now displayed a model of a supply icebreaker in St. Petersburg.

The length of the icebreaker of the project 10570 is 152 m, width – 31 m, draft – 8-9.3 m, speed in ice-free water – 19 knots, icebreaking capacity – 2.4 m, displacement – 20.7 thousand tons.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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