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The opening of the exhibition and welcoming speeches by Prof. Dr. Rainer Vollkommer, Director of the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum and Jasmin Collini Heidegger, President of the Board of Trustees of the Liechtenstein LandesMuseum, as well as Martha Cerny, (pictured) Director of the Cerny Museum were broadcast via live stream. (Image: Rosamaria Kubny)

Climate change is not a game. The entire planet has long since been affected by change. The exhibition “50 Shapes of Prey” shows how diverse the interactions of these changes are. The exhibition of selected figures by indigenous artists from Canada was created in close cooperation between the Museum Cerny and the Landesmuseum Liechtenstein.

For the construction of the exhibition was chosen the strategic board game of chess. Each move must be carefully considered to understand the changes in nature. (Image: Rosamaria Kubny)

“50 Shapes of Prey”

The exhibition uses the strategic board game, chess, to show the complexities of Earth’s changes. Opposite Natturalik, the ruler of the air and land, is Sedna, the ruler of the sea. To maintain the balance with nature, each move of the game must be carefully considered, because a change on one side, also triggers one on the other. The shaman, Mir-Susne-Hum, is at the center as a mediator. At the same time, images from the Arctic show this change. In addition, there is the 50th figure, namely the human being.

The individual works of art are listed in a brochure and are explained in an understandable way for the visitors.
Natturalik Lord of Land and Air, 1989, serpentine, Kiuwak Ashoona, Kinngait, Nunavut, Canada. (Photo Rosamaria Kubny)

Duration of the exhibition

19.01. until 07.05.2023


So. 12.02.2023 I 11-12 o’clock

Guided tour of the “50 Shapes of Prey” exhibition

with Martha Cerny, director of the Cerny Museum

Art lovers will get their money’s worth at the small but fine exhibition “50 Shapes of Prey.” The works of art from the far north fascinate visitors for their fantasy and beauty. (Image: Rosamaria Kubny)

Website: Lichtenstein State Museum

Website: Museum Cerny

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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