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Natasha Peter has created her own brand of clothing and accessories, as well as pieces that incorporate traditional elements from the Kaska Dena culture, a British Columbia and Yukon Indigenous population. The young designer introduces us to a whole culture through creations that, as here, incorporate the use of fur and handmade beading. Photo: Kaska Dena Designs / Facebook

With her label, Kaska Dena Designs, Natasha Peter successfully integrates elements of Kaska Dena culture with modern cuts. A mix that was a hit at the last Fashion Week in Milan.

Clothes, shoes, accessories, mukluks and jewelry – it’s a whole collection from Kaska fashion designer Natasha Peter. But don’t think that it’s just about fashion or pretty clothes: the young woman has seized on her personal story and her own roots to promote Kaska culture. And it works, to say the least. Natasha Peter’s new collection was a hit at the Fashion Week that was held from February 20 to 26 in Milan, Italy.

Spotted on social medias, her work clearly convinced the Fashion Week organizers who invited her to present her pieces at a show in the Italian fashion capital.

And it’s easy to see why. Shimmering color patterns, modern cuts and a strong link to the Kaska Dena culture, from which the brand took its name.

Mukluks, shimmering floral fabrics and fur capes. Natasha Peter’s creations seduced an audience who came to admire the Kaska Dena designer’s collection. Photos: Kaska Dena Designs / Facebook

Originally from the Yukon community of Ross River, Natasha Peter is herself a member of the Kaska Dena people. Living in the northern regions of British Columbia and the southeastern Yukon, those communities have a rich history and culture that the young woman shares through her creations and website.

Having learned the basics from her mother, who herself had learned from her grandmother, Natasha Peter has turned sewing into a hobby, but also a path to healing. In fact, this activity enabled the young woman to kick the alcohol habit that had dogged her since adolescence. Hence the emphasis on the healing aspect of her native culture on the designer’s website. “The land heals us, nourishes us, inspires us; it is our home. To be inspired by the environment is to see the natural beauty it offers us and reflect its warmth, colours, and peace for us to appreciate once more. When I create, it comes from the heart. A place of calmness, creativity, and love for my culture.”, says Natasha Peter on her website. “When I create, it comes from the heart. A place of calmness, creativity, and love for my culture.”

In 2017, after completing only a twelve-week online course on business creation and management, Natasha Peter created Kaska Dena Designs, literally on her kitchen table. She designed and made some thirty pieces in a single month, while taking care of her young daughter.

Drawing inspiration from grandmothers’ shawls to create a modern collection that plays with fashion? A successful gamble with the Granny Hanky collection, in which the colorful floral motif is rethought and remixed in pumps (above), clothing and even swimwear. Photo: Kaska Dena Designs

Soon after launching her brand and website, the designer began to show her pieces on local and national fashion shows, before landing at the New York Fashion Week. A consecration, as fashion week in the Big Apple is one of the industry’s most important events. She then moved on to Paris and finally Milan, where she attracted attention with her colorful creations. A great success for a brand that deserves to be discovered.

Find out more about Kaska Dena Designs : https://kaskadenadesigns.com

Mirjana Binggeli, PolarJournal

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