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The beauty of Antarctica extends way beyond the much-visited Antarctic Peninsula region. Deep within the continent, a hardly visited, magical landscape awaits intrepid explorers ready to go beyond beaten paths. (Image: Christoph Hoebenreich)

Cape Town-based Ultima Antarctic Expeditions has announced the opening of bookings for its 2024-2025 season. With only 250 seats available for the entire season, this is a rare opportunity to experience the wonders of the southernmost continent.

The company is no stranger to both Antarctic expeditions and logistics as it has been proudly serving National Antarctic Programs (NAPs) for several countries through Ultima Antarctic Logistics for over 20 years. Sharing infrastructure with their logistics operation and traveling with scientists and researchers from all over the world means they can offer expedition guests exceptional value and a truly authentic Deep Field experience.

“We see our expeditions as creating future Antarctic Ambassadors, helping to protect and preserve this precious place. Furthermore, every activity is officially permitted, so the types of visits we offer are tightly controlled. All types of waste stemming from such visits are carefully collected and transported back to South Africa,” says Riaan Aucamp, CEO of Ultima Antarctic Expeditions.

With its limited availability of only 250 seats for the entire season and focus on sustainability, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions offers a unique and responsible way to experience the wonders of Antarctica. Developed to meet as many tastes as possible, Ultima has focused its attention on three programs for its 2024/25 season designed to deliver the greatest possible and most exclusive Antarctic experience.

Luxurious Accommodations

Throughout your expedition, you’ll stay at the Ultima Oasis Camp, a comfortable and stylish retreat in the heart of Antarctica. Situated approximately 12km, or 30 minutes’ drive from Novo Air Base, the Ultima Oasis Camp is an oasis of quality comfort, cozy warmth and delicious fare, in from the cold. It gazes east, allowing magnificent views of a sheltered ice valley and pristine lake, beneath an amphitheater of rocky nunataks.

The camp features plush, Scandi-style cabins, a communal dining area with scenic views, and a sauna for ultimate relaxation. Altogether, it can accommodate up to 20 guests in single and double rooms, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience. The lounge and dining cabin provides a warm and inviting space for guests to unwind, share stories of their daily adventures, and savor delicious meals prepared by the in-house chef, paired with the finest South African wines. Expansive bay windows keep the glorious views permanently in sight, lit by the never-setting sun, as guests relax and restore from the day’s adventure. Next to the luxurious accomodations, the camp also features a traditional sauna and ice bath.

Supporting Scientific Research

Many operators nowadays state their support for Antarctic sciences. However, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is taking it one step further in its commitment to supporting scientific research in Antarctica. By booking an expedition, you’ll be contributing to ongoing research efforts and helping to protect this fragile environment. Each guest taking up one of these limited expedition seats will travel alongside scientists already headed to Antarctica, indirectly offsetting their leisure trip by cross-funding the logistics of ongoing scientific research programs.

Ultima Antarctic Logistics organizes the logistics for several National Antarctic programs using one of the most reliable planes available. The Ilyushin Il-76TD-90 operated by UAL has been modernized to meet the highest environmental and security standards. And thanks to the logistical flights, no additional tourist flights need to be organized to bring Ultima’s guests into the Antarctic realm. (Image: with courtesy from Ultima Antarctic Expeditions)

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions: A Legacy of Antarctic Exploration

Born from a legacy of expertise, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is a subsidiary of Ultima Antarctic Logistics, a company renowned for its unparalleled expertise in providing logistical support to National Antarctic Programs across the globe. Originally known as TAC (The Antarctic Company) and with a quarter-century of experience traversing the icy terrain, Ultima’s team comprises seasoned professionals who are intimately familiar with the intricacies of navigating and thriving in this demanding environment. The company’s Ilyushin Il-76TD-90 aircraft, fully modernized to meet the high standards, facilitates seamless travel between Cape Town and the heart of Antarctica, ensuring a safe and efficient journey for both scientists and intrepid explorers.

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is committed to providing safe, comfortable, and authentic expeditions while minimizing the environmental impact of its operations. The company subscribes to the best practices of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), thus ensuring the least possible impact on magical wilderness of Antarctica.

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