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Christian Hug

Born in 1965, in Stans, Christian began writing for the regional newspaper at the age of 16 and earned his income as a proofreader at “Vaterland”/”Luzerner Zeitung” for six years after dropping out of his German studies. He then worked for two resp, four years with the magazines “Schweizer Familie” and the “Schweizer Illustrierte” as an editor before turning to self-employment in 2002. Since then, he has been an excellently networked freelance journalist, speechwriter, columnist and text service provider.


Dr. Irene Quaile-Kersken

The award-winning Scottish journalist Irene Quaile-Kersken deals with climate change in the polar regions and its impact on the rest of the world. In 2007 she visited the German-French Arctic Research Station on Spitsbergen as part of an international radio project. Fascinated by the white north, she did not let go of the issue of the Arctic and the threats to the fragile ecosystem. During a reportage trip in Alaska in 2008, her Ice Blog was created, initially on the website of Deutsche Welle, today as an independent project under Further journeys led the passionate nature lover back to the Arctic, also to Iceland, Greenland and on research ships through the Arctic Ocean.

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Peter Balwin

Swiss citizen Peter Balwin was born in Zurich in 1957 and has been travelling and hiking since his youth. After a two-year journey around the globe, he first came into contact with the Arctic in the 1980s in Alaska and later on a trekking tour on the west coast of Greenland. The polar virus has not let him go ever since. But it was only a boat trip to Spitsbergen in 1991 that opened up the fascinating world of the High Arctic, which he visited every summer between 1995 and 2012. Soon Peter Balwin gave up his “normal” profession and made the polar regions his new areas of work. Initially as a lecturer and tundra guide, but soon as expedition leader, Peter Balwin led 63 boat trips to the Arctic, mainly to Spitsbergen, Franz Josef Land as well as to East and West Greenland. Since 2000, he has commuted between the Arctic and Antarctic, where he has led 20 expedition cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. In this way, over 1800 landings in the north and south have been made during his “polar career”. In addition to his work on ships, Peter Balwin led hiking tours in the Swiss Alps as well as bird watching excursions. He regularly writes articles about polar wildlife and research and presented the polar regions on numerous occasions and lecture evenings.

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Dmitrii “Mitya” Kiselev

Dmitrii “Mitya” Kiselev is a historian, author, lecturer and professional expedition leader. Dmitrii worked in the Arctic and Antarctic for nearly a decade and developed a strong interest in the history of polar research, human settlement, and survival. As an independent expert on the history of the Russian Arctic, Dmitrii shows a special enthusiasm for Franz Josef Land and his colourful past. Since 2014, he has published several articles in the magazine “The Russian Polar Explorations” (St. Petersburg) and other Russian magazines. Dmitrii also runs his special “Mitya Polar Curiosity Shop” page on Facebook.

To the Facebook page of Dmitrii Kiselev: Mitya’s Polar Curiosity Shop

Greta Paulsdottir

Born in an Icelandic village, the now Swiss-Icelandic dual citizen has kept the Arctic and coolness in her blood from an early age. At the age of just under 18, she pursued an expeditionary career and crossed the second largest European ice cap, that of the Vatnajökull, with sheep. Later she tried her luck as an entrepreneur and planned a chain called “Hakarl’s” with fermented shark as a specialty, but this was not successful for inexplicable reasons. However, she is more successful as a historian and author and also had dealt in depth with the Golden Age of Polar exploration. Because of love, she moved to Switzerland with her husband and has been working as a freelance writer on polar history ever since

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Dr. Christoph Höbenreich

Dr. Christoph Höbenreich is a certified mountain and ski guide, master polar guide and board member of the International Polarguides Association. The Tyrolean worked on the ORF film expeditions to Franz Josef Land, undertook ski trips to the North and South Poles, managed the US polar base Mt. Vinson Base Camp, reached the summit of Antarctica’s highest mountain (Mt. Vinson, 4892 m) five times, led an international expedition up Antarctica’s highest volcano (Mt. Sidley, 4181 m), crossed Greenland on dog sleds and South Georgia Island on skis, climbed storm-tossed mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula, and explored unknown mountains of Queen Maud Land. In 2005 he led the “Payer Weyprecht Memorial Expedition” with skis and sledges through Franz Josef Land and published the coffee table book “Expedition Franz Josef Land. In the footsteps of the explorers to the North”. The Arctic archipelago and Queen Maud Land in East Antarctica are his polar dream lands.

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Martin Schultz

Martin Schultz was born in Hannover in 1973. After studying ethnology and history in Hannover, Bonn and Frankfurt, he worked for various museums, most recently as curator of the North and Central American and Circumpolar Arctic collections at the Statens Museer för världskultur in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden, from 2017 to 2020. Since October 2020, he is Co-Director of the Museum Cerny. contemporary circumpolar art in Bern und has co-founded there the Network Arctic Collections Switzerland (NACS) in November 2020.

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Stefan Leimer

Stefan Leimer turned his hobby into a profession 10 years ago and has been working as a freelance photographer and journalist for German-language magazines and newspapers ever since. The focus of his work is on fauna and flora, because nature always fascinates him anew. Since 2020, Stefan has been living with his wife Nathalie in Andenes, a small town at the northernmost end of the island archipelago of Vesteralen. His enthusiasm for the barren landscapes north of the Arctic Circle was awakened on two long journeys through Scandinavia.
His professional services include photography workshops, photography trips and individual photography courses on location. He also works as a tour guide for Wal Safari Andenes.

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