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Endless long beaches, turquoise waters, sunshine around the clock, unforgettable animal encounters – who doesn’t dream of a change of scenery in these times? Maybe dreaming of an expedition cruise to the polar regions? In the Arctic or Antarctic you will find much more than just a change of scenery after the long time of holding out. Travelling in the “fridges” of our planet means above all to dive into a completely different world, to explore deserted areas, to get to know arctic cultures, to take along unforgettable experiences that change the view on our life from the icy distance. Welcome to www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch!

Soon we will be able to travel safely again and when that time comes, it would be good to know where quite extraordinary adventures await. That’s why we at PolarJournal have created a website to help you focus your dreams. Meet www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch!

Short videos from the Arctic and Antarctic take you for a moment into the icy worlds and give you an insight into what to expect on an expedition trip. Image: screenshot www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch

See polar bears or penguins in their natural habitat, stand at the North Pole for once, admire the diversity of polar bird life, make way for seals, experience a solar eclipse in Antarctica or get to know the way of life of the Chukchi – at www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch you will find our selection of trips to the various polar regions. Our own pictures and videos, created by our friends, filmmakers and guides Priska and Ruedi Abbühl from Naturemovie , offer you impressions of these places of longing.

There is a wide range of expedition cruises to choose from. We want to make your decision a little easier: Here you will find our trips at a glance, color-coded according to ship size. Image: screenshot www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch

With our selection of expedition tours , we want to offer something very special in contrast to the large range of polar tours. We have chosen providers that match our intention and present them, their voyages and ships in detail on our new website. This will make it easier for you to decide, for example, whether you would prefer to explore Spitsbergen from aboard the small M/V Cape Race with only 12 passengers or from aboard the brand new M/V Janssonius with 170 passengers.

In our InfoCenter you will find a lot of information about the different regions in the Arctic and Antarctic as well as general travel information. Image: screenshot www.polar-kreuzfahrten.ch

You are very welcome to browse through the travel offers: stroll through the gallery, go in search of your desired region – let the InfoCenter guide you, discover where the carefully selected expedition trips will take you and stay excited about future offers!

Julia Hager, PolarJournal

Link to the website:

A click on the penguins brings you directly to the website

Important: The shown trips are NOT operated by us, but are selected partner offers for you. If you like a trip, you can book it either directly with the operator or at the travel agency of your choice. PolarJournal is in no way responsible for travel itineraries, offers and their text and price content. The terms and conditions of the operators and agents apply.

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