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Dr. Christoph Höbenreich

Dr. Christoph Höbenreich is a certified mountain and ski guide, master polar guide and board member of the International Polarguides Association. The Tyrolean worked on the ORF film expeditions to Franz Josef Land, undertook ski trips to the North and South Poles, managed the US polar base Mt. Vinson Base Camp, reached the summit of the highest mountain in Antarctica five times (Mt. Vinson, 4892 m), led an international expedition up Antarctica’s highest volcano (Mt. Sidley, 4181 m), crossed Greenland on dog sleds and South Georgia Island on skis, climbed storm-swept mountains on the Antarctic Peninsula, and explored unknown mountains of Queen Maud Land. In 2005 he led the “Payer Weyprecht Memorial Expedition” with skis and sledges through Franz Josef Land and published the coffee table book “Expedition Franz Josef Land. In the footsteps of the explorers to the North”. The Arctic archipelago and Queen Maud Land in East Antarctica are his polar dream lands.

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