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Start of the work of the expedition “Nordpol-41” on the ice floe. (Photo: AARI)

After a construction period of 3½ years at the Admirality shipyard in St. Petersburg, the “Severny Polyus” is in service in the Arctic for the first time. On October 2, 2022 at 7 a.m. at 82°37′ N 155°31′ E, the work of the Russian drift station for the expedition “North Pole – 41” started. The platform “Severny Polyus” is equipped with 15 laboratories equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct a wide range of research.

One more group photo and then they are off. (Photo: AARI)

The platform will allow the continuation of regular research in the central Arctic, which began in 1937 with the opening of the first Soviet station “North Pole-1”, headed by Ivan Papanin. In 2013, the program had to be discontinued due to ice melt and unstable ice conditions in the Arctic.

The expedition “North Pole-41” started from Murmansk in September. The ship arrived autonomously at the site of freezing in the ice and could fully support the work of the crew and the research expedition for two years. The expedition is led by the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute AARI, which has been responsible for scientific research in the polar regions for many years.

The “Severny Polyus” platform is equipped with 15 laboratories, (Photo: Pavel Lvov)

“Severny Polyus” will dock to an ice field

The ice field for mooring the station to the 41st expedition was previously selected based on the results of the analysis of satellite images and aerial reconnaissance of the carried helicopter. In the process, “Severny Polyus” found the right ice field and was stowed away at its edge.

The expedition’s ‘icy partner’ has an area of about 42 square kilometers. Scientists unloaded the necessary equipment, transportation and scientific equipment onto the ice. Field laboratories were set up there. Expedition members will study climate change in the Arctic and test appropriate predictions and models.

Responsible for the physical well-being during the expedition is the chef Anzhela Tsareva (Photo: Tatjana Tyumeneva)

The platform is expected to drift from its current position through the Arctic into the Greenland Sea. After leaving the Fram Strait, the “Severny Polyus” will then return to Murmansk under its own power.

Heiner Kubny, PolarJournal

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